Including a real treat for barrel aged stout lovers!

We love working directly with breweries at Beerhouses, regularly hosting tap takeovers, brewing collab beers, and even taking on death defying challenges with them! While it’s obviously great fun for our staff, it offers our customers the chance to try some different, specially selected beers.

Vocation Tap Takeover 21st June

We have an amazing tap takeover from Vocation Brewery coming to both The County and The Sportsman on Friday 21st June, and because we take these kinds of things VERY seriously, Amber from The County and John from The Sportsman spent the day there, tasting beers and helping to choose the line-up. What can we say, our staff are dedicated!

Have we got some very special barrel aged stouts for you…

While the takeover will include some beloved Vocation beers, such as Heart & Soul, Bread & Butter, and Life & Death, John and Amber were both given the opportunity to select a favourite wood cask to feature on their bars as a special. Following some extensive taste testing (how else could we vouch for the quality?), they made their choices.

Amber chose a sherry and ex-bourbon barrel porter that came in at a light (compared to John’s) 9.5% ABV. This had been aged the longest of all the choices, at 3.5 years. John just couldn’t choose between an 11.5% Imperial Stout (aged for 18 months in ex-bourbon and maple syrup barrels) and a 10% ruby ale (aged for 9 months in cognac barrels) so he got them both!

Amber said “For someone that doesn’t drink the stronger beers I couldn’t put the glass down! So, I thought it would be perfect to have on my bar”. John was struggling to make any kind of truly intelligible comments after all the double-figure percentage beers, but he asked for a third helping of both those ones, so they were deemed to be delicious winners!

Merch up for grabs too

Being focused on their chosen charities as they are, both Amber and John managed to come away with some goodies to raffle off for their nominated charities, RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford (The County) and Project Youth Cancer (The Sportsman), which they’ll draw on the day. The County will also be hosting a food pairing event on Sunday 23rd June where they will be pairing small plates to the 4 keg beer options.