For one night only, The Terrace became the Dog & Hammer

We always say that The Terrace is more than a function room, it’s an opportunity to hire your own pub for the evening. Well, our recent guests took that concept to a whole new level, creating their own pub takeover for a joint sixtieth birthday party!

Guests often put up a few posters. Andrew and Terry created posters, beer mats, shirts, and even changed the pub signage! For one evening only, The Terrace became the Dog & Hammer.

Who hasn’t dreamt of owning their own pub?..

Running pubs is a tough game (we should know) but who hasn’t harboured a desire to have their own pub at some point? Pub lovers and friends of 40 years, Andrew Moore and Terry Colbert, certainly have, so what better way to celebrate both turning 60 than to take over and brand their own pub for the night?

But what should they call it? Both football fans, Terry is originally from London and a West Ham fan (Hammers). Andrew is a Yorkshireman and a proud Huddersfield Town fan (Terriers). This inspired the chosen name, The Dog & Hammer.

Andrew and Terry outside the Dog & Hammer

Andrew (left) and Terry outside ‘their’ pub, The Dog & Hammer

Transforming The Terrace into The Dog & Hammer

Of course, creating your own logo, beer mats, and signage is quite easy when you have your own marketing and design agency! Andrew owns and runs Boom Marketing, a marketing agency in Mirfield. Design, signage, gifts, and merch is all in a day’s work and they were keen to make the event personal and really feel like they were in their own pub, celebrating their milestone birthdays.

Andrew said:

“Owning your own pub for a party is the best way to impress your friends and family and to get the support from such a well-run local business like Beerhouses is the icing on the cake. They provide the staff and your own choice of beer as well as the pub for you to use for one night. It has a stage, a PA, and an outside area for food concessions so the perfect way to do something different. We had a blast and would do it again. All our friends said how have you done this? Unbelievable!”

Hire YOUR own pub?

If this sounds like your kind of party, you too can have a whole pub (and covered beer garden) to yourself. It’s free to hire and changing the pub signage is optional! (Though Boom Marketing is happy to offer rebranding packages for anyone who really wants to take it to this level of detail!).