Why ‘passing through’ Dewsbury Train Station can take much longer than you might think…

The responsibility of running such a great pub as The West Riding at Dewsbury Train Station is heavy as, it seems, we have been responsible for many, many people missing their trains. Our bad.

However, people don’t really seem to mind that much as it’s really not a terrible place to be ‘stranded’ at all, with a wide array of real and craft ales, a cosy fire, and plenty of hot food options to keep you sustained.

To acknowledge our dastardly role in train-missing-incidents, we have emblazoned it on the back of our West Riding T shirts. It seems that nobody has any shame about their journey mishaps as people have been wearing their shirts all over the world and tagging us in. More of this, we say!

You can buy your ‘I Missed the Train at Dewsbury’ T shirts from The West Riding, priced at £12.50, and you can even order one here for £15 and we’ll post it to you.

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