The Terrace in Dewsbury is attracting some of the best dance music acts in the UK

Dewsbury may not be known for banging dance and electronica but that is changing with live music venue, The Terrace, attracting some of the biggest names in the business. A seemingly humble venue, with a capacity of just 100, in a small town like Dewsbury, doesn’t seem like the natural home of dance music but with names like The Secret DJ, LDouble, and Utah Saints all due to appear over the next few weeks (plus some HUGE names to come), its growing profile is undeniable.

The enigmatic Secret DJ

If you don’t know who the Secret DJ is now, all dance music fans will have known him back in the 80s and 90s when he was one of the scene’s greatest superstar DJs and producers. Having achieved superstardom and then lost it all, he’s back as The Secret DJ, banging out house and electronica sets under his mysterious mask. Who is he? Who knows?

He delivered a sell-out gig at The Terrace back in August, performing in Dewsbury before going on to Ministry of Sound, and he’s back on 22nd December which will be one hell of a Mad Friday!

90s dance music legends Utah Saints

You don’t even have to be an electronica fan to know Utah Saints. This huge 90s dance duo are bringing their very memorable hits to Dewsbury in January, but before you hit up the internet for tickets, you’re out of luck. This event sold out straight away but those who were lucky enough to get tickets, are in for a banging night.

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Host to Dewsburg Beatz

Dewsburg Beatz hosted its first drum n bass night at The Terrace in September with a line-up that included LD50, DJ Promo, Spoken Audio, and Sigil. It was such a success that it’s back again on 8th December with headliner L Double; for many years the voice of drum n bass on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra.

Bizarre techno birthday bash

Bizarre offers the best techno nights in Yorkshire, and recently celebrated its 2nd birthday with a huge bash featuring Galvatron, Waveslave, and Hellenistic among others. Further events will be planned in 2024.

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BIG names to come

As The Terrace’s reputation as a dance music venue grows, it is securing some huge stars for 2024, though they are still under wraps at the moment.

The Terrace is taking part in Independent Venue Week 2024 and will be announcing many more gigs and shows over the coming weeks.