Showcasing the best of traditional ales and brewers from 22 February

The modern beer industry is innovative and exciting with new styles developing all the time, and we love them all at Beerhouses. But we love the classics too, and we know that our customers do as well. And that is what Classic Beer Week is all about.

Classic Beer Week, as the name suggests, is a week-long celebration of classic beers, breweries, and styles. As well as some modern classics. We’ll be serving those old favourites that have the power to transport you back to a different time. Perhaps when you first started going to pubs, perhaps something that sparked a love of expertly brewed ales, or maybe simpler brews from before the array of modern IPAs, sours, and hazy pales dominated the pumps?

How Classic Beer Week works

Each of our pubs will put their own interpretation of classic beers on the bar, but all will essentially meet the following brief:

Classic Beers: CAMRA winners or well-known casks such as Old Peculiar, Bass, St Austell Tribute, or Wobbly Bob.

Classic Breweries: longstanding family or independent brewers such as Black Sheep, Timothy Taylors, Theakston, and Roosters.

Classic Styles: old CAMRA style beers like milds, bitters, stouts, and porters.

Modern Classics: newer beers that have become classics, such as Jaipur, Yankee, Cwtch, and Sierra Nevada.

Each pub will showcase their own line-ups over the week from 22 February.

Classic Beer Week at Beerhouses

Classic beers in proper pubs

Perfect pints of the beers that real ale fans love: you could say that was ‘classic Beerhouses’! This really is what we do best. While we know that our customers appreciate the range of beers on offer, and we’re certainly not afraid to serve new and interesting brews, we’re also big supporters of traditional ales and brewers and Classic Beer Week celebrates that.

Find your favourites in The West Riding (Dewsbury), The Sportsman (Huddersfield), The County (Huddersfield), The Cricketers (Horbury, Wakefield), and Stalybridge Buffet Bar (Stalybridge) from 22 February. Visit each pub’s socials to learn more about their own plans for the week.

Make mine a Wobbly Bob!