The new release confirms spots for all 5 Beerhouses pubs for the first time

The entries in the latest Good Beer Guide have been announced and, for the first time, all Beerhouses pubs have been included! Now, we are no strangers to the Good Beer Guide, with our pubs having appeared in there for over 30 years, but this is the first time that our newest pub, The County in Huddersfield, has featured. That makes it a clean sweep!

We do have strong Good Beer Guide ‘form’…

Clearly, The County’s ‘big siblings’ have paved the way: Stalybridge Buffet Bar has appeared in the ‘beer bible’ for 33 years, The West Riding in Dewsbury for 29 years, The Sportsman in Huddersfield has 14 years, and The Cricketers in Wakefield for 12 years.

Sarah Barnes, Managing Director of Beerhouses:

“Even though we calculate we’ve had 89 entries in the Good Beer Guide so far, we never take it for granted and we’re hugely proud to get the ‘full house’ now that The County has claimed its place in there too. Our beer offering is at the core of what we have built the business on so it’s fantastic to get the recognition.

Real ale and craft beer aficionados demand high standards, so we always aim to serve the perfect pint every time. This is confirmation that we’re doing pretty well on that score!”

It’s not just about serving good beer though

We think that every pint we pull at a Beerhouses pub should be perfect and as the brewer intended but we like to offer a bit more too. That’s why we often put on special events around our beer offerings, which are intended to celebrate everything that the beer industry and beer production represents. It allows customers to learn a bit about the beers they’re drinking, try new things they may not have tried before, and also have a bit of fun! This includes things like a Fresh Hop Fest, celebrating the short window of time when beer can be made from fresh hops, Delirium Day, and a Zapato (a local Huddersfield brewery) joining us for a tap takeover and Meet The Brewer event. And that’s just at The Sportsman!

An early birthday present?

It does seem fitting that we saw all our pubs appear in the Good Beer Guide, just as we approach a big milestone – our 30 year anniversary as a business. Beerhouses was formed in January 1994 with inaugural pub, The West Riding, and the other pubs all followed over the years. We will be celebrating in the New Year with several collaborations with breweries, all ‘brewing up’ special edition beers to mark the occasion. We’ll even be offering a special beer at 1994 prices on our birthday!