Beerhouses Loyalty App

The beerhouses loyalty App is available to download from Play store (Android) or App store (Apple). Simply look for the STAMP ME App logo as below and download it.
Stamp Me

Once downloaded hit the + sign and click to ‘Explore new offers’ (location / GPS needs to be on to find us).

Find a Beerhouses pub and click it.

You are then faced with two offers – £3 off voucher and £10 off voucher. Click join to one or both, whichever you prefer. This then creates a stamp card which you will see when you open the app.

The stamp card has a set of arrows on to the right of the words ‘STAMP ME’. If you click this it will give details of what you need to do to get a stamp and then claim the reward. Click the arrows to return to the stamp card.

If you join both offers you can simply alternate between the cards by swiping left & right.

How it Works

When you buy a drink worth £3.50 or over on offer 1 or spend over £10 on drinks in a single transaction on offer 2 you then click ‘STAMP ME’ on the relevant card in the App. Our staff will then present you with either a Stamp Me device or QR code which you either touch with your phone or scan in the App to collect the Stamp.

Once you reach 10 stamps for your reward it will show in the ‘Gift’ icon at the top left corner of the screen. To claim the reward you must click claim reward and show to a member of staff who is serving you. The reward will disappear in 3 minutes after clicking to claim it – therefore you should only click to redeem the reward when ordering and in front of a staff member. The reward will either be a £3 off voucher or a £10 off voucher depending on what reward you have earnt.

The stamps can be collected at any beerhouses venue – so you could earn 10 stamps at the West Riding and then claim the voucher at the Sportsman or vice versa for example.


Stamps can only be earnt on drinks purchases and not on food purchases.

The vouchers earnt as a reward are only redeemable against future drinks purchases. They cannot be used towards food purchases and there is no cash alternative.

Once you have completed a card to earn a reward you have 60 days to claim your voucher.

Stamps can only be earned on your purchases and not on behalf of other people or those who don’t have the App.

Stamps & vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

You must possess a phone or device that has the capability to download and run the App as well as scan a QR code, there is no alternative method of collecting the Stamps or taking part in the loyalty App.

Management reserve the right to withdraw or change the offer at any time without notice.